Artist: 李(日韦)Li Wei
《20130528_0003540 飞在威尼斯》,“20130528_0003540 Flying over Venice”,2013.05.28, Venice, 155x232cm,

2005 “Macau art museum” Overseas exchanges prize

New Photographers 2006

We have a modest objective behind New Photographers 2006. We want to reveal artists who could help transform the advertising we see next year.

We raided the thoughts of our directors of photography and various wise friends around the advertising and creative industries worldwide. We sifted their information and we sifted the siftings. Finally, we arrived at the magic number of 31 photographers.

Obviously our magic 31 could have been 30 or 32 or your own magic number. We are not dealing with absolutes, but directions. And here is a group that represents new directions: we hope they will inspire you, perhaps even work with you.

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Li Wei books-李(日韦)Li Wei


飞越 Fly The RingLing museum 2014,11,17,US


叉子 2017,06,15,China


叉子 2017,06,15,China

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飞越米兰,“ Flying over Milan”,2014,04,12,Milan


飞在巴黎大皇宫,“Flying over Grand palais in Paris”,2014,03,27,巴黎Paris


飞越首尔美术馆,“ Flying over Seoul Museum”,2014,03,20,首尔Seoul


飞在威尼斯,“ Flying over Venice”,2013.05.28, Venice


“Li Wei - Reality Anew”, LDX Gallery Hong Kong

Katonah Museum of Art
Members’ Opening
Spring Exhibitions
Opening March 25, 2012

Li Wei

Du 20 mars au 19 ao?t 2012


The High Life Of Liwei
March 10th 2012

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2012.02.18Kipling 'Play With Bags' 25th Anniversary Project

2011.08.26-0828"St.moritz art masters" St.moritz,Switzerland

2010.11.28 - PHOTOPHNOMPENH 2010 - Cambodge


2010.09.30 - Daegu Photo Biennale 2010


2010.05.27 - "LUXURY TAKE AWAY" Of
The Shanghai Tang 1881 Heritage Boutique -Live Art Performance in support of ArtHK2010


2010.09.04 - Images' festival, Vevey, Switzerland






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2009.04.11 - "The amazing mirror maze of the self” Michael Schultz Gallery Beijing


2008.11.01 - "Drawn in the Clouds: Contemporary Asian Art"
Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki.
31 October 2008-1 February 2009


2008.10.18 - Li Wei Solo Exhibition
Yeh Rong Jia Culture & Art Foundation, Taiwan
18 October 2008-21 December 2008


2007.11.14 - "Li Wei Falls To …",Espace Cultural Ample Gallery,Spain



2007.07.20 - "RED HOT - Asian Art Today from the Chaney Family Collection"-Performances, Museum of Fine Arts,Houston,20/07/2007


2007.05.26 - "Made in China-China art Now"-Louisiana Museum,Danmark,


2006.12.22 - “LI WEI”
22 November-22 December,2006,
PYO Gallery,Seoul,


2006.10.20 - “Transcendence:A Mirror of China”
20 October-10 November ,2006
The:artist:network new york


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2006.03.09 - “LI WEI”
9 March-1 April 2006
10 Chancery Lane Gallery,Central Hong Kong


2006.01.12 - “LI WEI”
Del 12 de enero al 25 de febrero de 2006
Grleria Espacio Minimo,Madrid,Espana



2005.09.21 - “Illusory Reality”
21 September - 24 NOVEMBRE 2005
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 11am-7pm
Marella Gallery -Beijing
Address: 4, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing


2004.11.13 - "LI WEI"
Opening reception il giorno 13 Novembre dalle ore 18.30 alle 21.00
MARELLA Project Space 1
Via Milano 27 - 22100 Como - Italy




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