1. All works shall bear Li WeiĄŻs signature. When a collector buys one of his works, the artist shall provide the relevant certificate of authenticity. The collector must acquire the work and the certificate of authenticity at the same time, making sure that the signature and edition number on the work correspond to the signature and edition number on the certificate. The copyright of the work shall still belong to Li Wei.
2. If a gallery sells the artistĄŻs work, the artist will ask the gallery to transfer the certificate of authenticity to the collector upon receiving the payment.
3. The certificate of authenticity: 1) authenticates that the work is the original creation of the artist, 2) confirms the unique edition number of the work, 3) provides proof of authenticity that can be shown to the public by the buyer.
4. The collector shall retain the original certificate of authenticity. The artist shall retain a duplicate copy of it. If the two certificates of authenticity do not correspond, or if the edition number or signatures on the certificate do not correspond to those on the work, then this work shall be considered fake.
5.It is recommended that the collector sign his name on the certificate of authenticity to provide proof of the workĄŻs history of collection.
6. Li Wei and his successors will provide certificates of authenticity and signatures to collectors of his works. The final right of interpretation of all his art works and their certificates of authenticity belongs to Li Wei and his successors.
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